Welcome to the TAPE Community Music and Film Blog

First of all we here at TAPE would like to give you all a very big welcome to Tape’s new 2016 blog, this blog will be used to provide updates about the many wonderful events and projects that are happening at the TAPE centre and throughout North Wales.

We really appreciate all the support given to TAPE by the everyone and that is why we have produced this blog in order to share the many experiences that the TAPE team encounter on a weekly basis, as well as to highlight the fantastic work that we do and to get people young and old to become a part of our community!

Firstly we are proud to announce our first feature film ‘British Winters’ which follows the story of Noel Winters, a man who wants to change for the better. The trailer can be found on our Facebook page as well as our website. The film will also be premiering at this years Coastline Film Festival so keep an eye out for it!


In other production news TAPE are in partnership with the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline in order to bring to you a long form documentary which is set to highlight the work that this charity does to support young people from the Ukraine and Belarus who have travelled to the UK for life changing visits. Andy Pearson and Steve Swindon travelled to these countries just under a month ago in an effort to meet people who have been supported by this charity and to meet future UK travellers, this is just the starting point for this topic and will be further discussed in future blog posts.

Steve recently had the opportunity to visit the world’s leading CGI Company ‘Framestore’ in London, This company specialises in the latest CGI graphics ranging from small adverts to big blockbuster titles, some of which include; Paddington, Harry Potter, Gravity, and many more. As well as this  Framestore are also looking to develop new and exciting visual technologies which Steve got to take a sneak peek at when he met with their Virtual Reality development team. He had a try at some of their Virtual Reality equipment with the hope of being able to set up a VR experience at TAPE in the near future.

Other news with TAPE :

Cinema clubs are back!  We house free screenings for all our cinema clubs, which include our Baby Cinema, Family Cinema and Community Cinema which will all be take place at  the fantastic Coastline Sofa Cinema here at TAPE.

Loads of screenings are in the pipeline, including the documentary ‘Invisible Britain’ by Sleaford Mods. Check out their website or Tape’s Facebook page for more information and to book your free seat.

Our new website is up and running ‘HOORAY!’ – www.tapemusicandfilm.co.uk

We now have three episodes of our Conwy Community Podcast. The podcasts are very entertaining and help to provide an insight into what it’s like to live and work in the county of Conwy. Don’t forget to subscribe and share the podcast. The more listeners we get the more podcasts we can do!

These episodes are available for listening on; ITunes, Podbean or through the TAPE website.

Podacst header

Big shout-outs to everyone involved with making these podcasts happen, that’s everyone involved with everything from post-production to interviewing and recording.

This is just a small percentage of all the events and projects that are going on in and around TAPE, this blog will be regularly updated as both time and schedules progress.

We here at TAPE hope you have enjoyed reading what will be the first of many blog posts, for further in-depth information of what is offered check out the other pages on our website.

TAPE blogger: Emily Caie

Assisted blog editor: Steve Swindon